We understand the language of the animals


“Imagine a world, where cars and wildlife animals don’t jeopardize each other anymore, and innocent people don’t lose their lifes on the roads.”

The Siren7 wildlife warning system was tuned by the engineers to understand the language of the animals, and warn them if a vehicle is approaching.

Viktor Koltai


Be safe at night and day


While driving, visibility drops to 40 meters at night, but the stopping distance at 90 km/h is 62 meters. That is the reason why most roadkills occur at late hours.

The sound of the Siren7 spreads at a speed of sound, penetrating the trees and the dark night, warning the fauna of our arrival.

The numbers speak for themselves. In fact, they shout.


120 decibel

Previous wildlife alarm systems

Volume at 90 km/h speed

984 feet

Previous wildlife alarm systems

Range at 90hm/h speed

Number of roadkills with Siren7 ™:


Remarkably easy to install


Mounting has never been easier. With the VHB adhesive, that was jointly developed with M3, the device should be mounted on the front of the vehicle, which will be immediately secured without a permanent trace. Siren7 ™ does not require a power source.

We produce in the Future

A design, that makes your eyes go wide


A dedicated staff dealt only with external marks, resulting in an unmatched form. The Armstrongs team has been designing the Siren7 ™ cover for a year, taking into account the aerodynamic principles and rules of golden ratio. We think it is a hit.


Not everyone hears it


We do not disturb the peace of your pet while traveling. Siren7 can hear those who should hear it without compromise.

Security guarantee!


Right from the start, our aim was to protect domestic road users from the constant problem of roadkills. For this reason we value a 100% money back guarantee!

SIREN7™ Wildlife Warning System

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2x SIREN7™ Wildlife Warning System

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